Saturday, November 15, 2008

Treeman (original)

This is a tune I wrote based on some local artwork. It is also my first attempt at making my videos a little bit fancy. Here are the lyrics:

You have branches for hair
And a trunk for a torso and head.
You stand tall above the clouds.

In an amber twilight
fading to midnight blue.
The tie around your neck is straight and true.

Deeply rooted
in the earth
drinking poison everyday.

Dressing for the office,
Crisp, white collar peeks through your coat.
Routine your only truth.

your branches cross the edge of
the world that you call home
and reach into the unknown.

Watching silently
over the city
that is slowly killing you.

And the video:

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mle said...

Please check out this link! The story is a bit old- but fitting! HA!

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