Sunday, November 2, 2008

In My Life

I love the lyrics to this song (and almost every other Beatles song I know). I have a few students working on it right now, and I never get sick of hearing it. I am also finding that I am enjoying this project because I am learning about the songs I like to sing.

This tune originated with John Lennon and was released on Rubber Soul. According to Lennon, McCartney wrote the bridge and did harmonies. McCartney remembers it a bit differently, that he set all of Lennon's text to music. Either way, it features George Martin on the keyboard solo, who has been called the "Fifth Beatle."

In My Life has been covered by everyone under the sun, but I was surprised to fin out that it was played at Kurt Cobain's memorial service, as he was an avid Beatles fan.

As usual, my information was taken from Wikipedia. Hope you enjoy.

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