Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wow 30 days later...

..and I have a super fun video to show you. But first, I just wanted to say, if you ever want to get good at something, videotape yourself doing it for 30 days, and put it on the internet. This month has been SO good for my ukulele playing, it's not even funny. I think I am going to continue into December, like it or not.

So. this video is for a contest about games you can't play with your butt. Ukulele, although not quite a game (maybe to some), is definitely something you can't play with your butt. I'm going to post the link so you can click through to my youtube, watch it there, and give it a rating and/or a comment. Part of what we're judged on is our "youtube presence" so if everyone could watch it 80 times a day, that would be great. Just kidding, but tell your friends!

You Can't Play Ukulele With Your Butt

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