Thursday, February 19, 2009

You're Near Me

This is a tune I wrote, and it's on my cd that I'm getting returned to me on Friday...100 copies, and it's called "To the River EP". This song is on there, but it's with piano instead of uke.

I don't need roses or candy,
or anything fancy,
I don't need anything at all
when you're near me.

I don't need walks on the beach
as long as you're within reach.
I don't need anything at all
when you're near me.

And when you're near me,
there's a love like I've never known.
I'll bet that you agree with me

that nothing else even matters.
You know that I'd rather
forget it all,
stay home and wait for your call.
I need nothing at all
when you're near me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Choose Love [original]

Here's a new tune!

I Choose Love

Of all the choices I've ever had to make
choosing you was never a mistake.
My heart whispered that you were the one
Who would stay up late with me, talking through the night,
Singing all the songs that, together, we would write,
Simple melodies in two-part unison

I Choose Love,
I Choose Love,
I Choose Love.

Wake up in the morning, drenched in song,
If I'm with you, I know I never can be wrong.
My eyes want to see you everyday,
'cause each time I do, you're glad to see me.
Each burns the other into our memories,
that way I know that you'll never fade.


Time only flies if you let it.
Stay here in this moment, and you'll get the chance to choose

I choose love,
I choose love.

There's only one thing that I've got left to say,
and for some reason, I haven't 'til today,
I guess I thought that you already knew.
I love you more each day than the day before.
It's only everything about you I adore.
We're the same color, just a slightly different hue.

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